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Melbourne City Powerchair are delighted to confirm the signing of Tristram Peters. Melbourne City Powerchair Team is thrilled to announce the signing of Tristram Peters, a seasoned and highly decorated player, to our squad. Tristram will join the club after completing the APFA Club Championships in August.

Peters brings with him an impressive resume, having played for Moreton Bay Jets, Brisbane Roar, Sydney FC, Richland Lions, and the Queensland Cyclones, as well as representing Australia with the Poweroos. His team awards include APFA National Championship titles in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018, APFA Club Championship wins in 2016 and 2018, a semi-finalist finish at the 2017 FIPFA World Cup, and an APO Cup win in 2019.

Individually, Peters has earned numerous accolades, APO 2019 Best Defence, APFA National Championships MVP in 2015, and multiple Golden Guard awards at both National and Club Championships.

We sat down with Tristram for a short interview:

Welcome to Melbourne City, Tristram! What attracted you to join the Melbourne City Powerchair Team?

Melbourne City has become one of Australia's prestige powerchair football clubs. The team plays an expansive, incredibly attractive brand of football, the type every footballer wishes to play. For me, it was an opportunity I had to seize.

Can you share some of your personal goals for the upcoming season?

I'm coming back from a long lay-off, so I want to get more reps in, particularly as a winger - a position I predominantly played early on in my career. But ultimately, every footballer's goal is to help a team clinch the title and I'll do everything I can to help City do just that.

What do you hope to achieve with the team this season?

I mentioned City's style of play earlier - and with good reason. It's beautiful to watch. I hope the team not only clinches the title, but does so by playing this inimitable style - it can inspire so many others to take up the sport and play it in this way.

How do you define excellence in powerchair football, and what steps do you take to maintain high standards in your performance?

Excellence is achieved through repetition. At training, this means doing the one thing over and over again, so that when you're faced with a scenario in a match, you execute a skill through muscle memory, without thought. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The other aspect that helps achieve excellence is communication. Talking helps a teammate know when to take a shot or avoid a 2-on-1, and keeps you focussed on the match.

Are there any specific skills or areas of your game you’re looking to improve while with Melbourne City?

I want to introduce more power and precision to my passing, to complement City's style. City is obviously the perfect place to hone this skill. I also want to strengthen my positional play as a winger.

How do you see the future of powerchair football evolving, and what role do you hope to play in it?

Powerchair football should be in the Paralympics. It's a beautiful sport where its athletes discard their disabilities and do awe inspiring things on the court. But sadly, the reality is that it's not a Paralympic sport. This means that we need to raise awareness for the sport and make a compelling case for its inclusion. We do this by further evolving the sport and making City's style of play the norm. Everyone, even those outside our community, will demand it be a Paralympic sport then. If I play just a small role in helping City play this style, if I can form part of this system, then I'll be happy. Everyone at Melbourne City welcomes Tristram Peters to the Club and wishes him the best of luck throughout his time here. Tristram Peters has elected to wear the No.2 shirt at Melbourne City Powerchair.


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